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Mistakes on Main File

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 8:57 am    Post subject: Mistakes on Main File Reply with quote

So I thought I'd contribute and use this post to document any errors I found to help improve the main file and do my part for the community Very Happy as I've noticed them as I went along.

Since the NPCs section is so out dated I'm not checking that.

Mentions of Stamina Damage

1. Iryou Ninjutsu: Chiyu - Godan Jutsu (Medical Ninjutsu: Healing - Fifth

2. Souzou Saisei (Genesis Rebirth) - Says "The regeneration will heal even stamina."

Ninja Operations Counter

1. Ninja Hunter Ninja Operations Counter Summon Multiclass

Random Mistakes on Jutsus

1. Inuhana no Jutsu (Dog's Nose Technique) - Listed as "requires Track 4 ranks"

2. Kagekomu no Jutsu (Shadowmeld Technique) - Mind-Affecting is listed in parenthesis but should be in the [ ] brackets

3. Kyoushitsu no Jutsu (Dreadful Reality Technique) - Same here for #2.

4. Sennei Jashuu (Hidden Snake Hands)'s Components lists as C, H and Mad which should be Mas

5. Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu's bracket after Ninjutsu is ] when it should be [

6. Jougenzou no Jutsu (Advanced Illusion Technique) mentions Shougenzou no Jutsu but doesn't italicize the whole thing just Shougenzou no but not Jutsu.

7. Taijutsu: Sennen Goroshi (Hand-to-Hand: Thousand Years of Pain) mentions a Fortitude partial save, but the jutsu never mentions what the save is for.

8. There is a listing for both a Gehidama no Jutsu (Minor Fireball Technique) and Shoukakyuu no Jutsu (Minor Fire Ball Technique)? I'm guessing this was an error as they're both different in several aspects.

9. Genzou no In (Illusion Seal) on the last sentence it says it is a Ninjutsu, but this is a Fuinjutsu.

10. Taijutsu: Dachi - Kirikaesu no Waza mentions it needs Kiun Butsu but that got renamed to Taijutsu: Jiki-uchi

Random Technique Index Mistakes

1. This is literally every jutsu listed in an Excel sheet so that Frankto can see what is missing, misspelled or listed differently between alphabetical and index listings. It took an entire week to compile but it was worth it.

If you lack Dropbox here is an screen shot of the document

3. Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Replication Technique) - twice in the index, once in the right location and then listed under Fuinjutsu Kinjutsu

4. Magen: Shinsenjou no Jutsu (Demonic Mirage: Metaphysical Battleground Technique) Its a Kinjutsu but not labeled as one

5. Shinkai Satsujin no Jutsu (Deep Sea Murder Technique) Its a Kinjutsu but not labeled as one
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