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Build Advice

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Vecna The Archlich

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:47 pm    Post subject: Build Advice Reply with quote

I'm looking to do a generalist Uchiha build. My current build is:
Fast/3, Battle Mime/3, Elementalist/2, Taijutsu Master/4, Genjutsu Master/3, Devastator/3

But I was thinking about switching from unarmed taijutsu to the ANBU style chisi-gatana user. I'm not sure how to switch up the build in order to get some good perks, and keep the build's genjutsu and ninjutsu capabilities.

Also, some advice for the unarmed build would be appreciated.
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Bijuu/Tailed Beast

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


The glaring issue I can see with this is that you're trying to do a lot of things at once. Sure you'll end up with some of the cool points of each class, however each of those classes has prerequisites in the form of feats/skills in order to get into them. You can probably manage it, but most of your feats will go into just getting into each class.

Your best generalist class is Ninja Scout. Decent BAB, good saves, speed boost, Evasion X, sneak attack and enough extra feats to take advantage of. Also very low pre-requisites, as you'd be taking Ninja Weapons Proficiency anyway for the chisa-gatana.

You definitely don't need to do all the levels of Ninja Scout, but as a guide level 7 gets you Evasion X, which is a god send in this system. So your current build looks like this:

Fast 3/Battle Mime 3/Ninja Scout 7

Factoring in the 2 bloodline levels for your Sharingan, you now have 5 class levels remaining. I would now advise deciding which you would rather specialise in, Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Elementalist 5 is decent, as it nets you rage of the elements. Genjutsu Master 5 nets you 3 of the 4 Genjutsu Masteries you have available. Whichever you choose make the related stat (Intelligence or Charisma) your focus for Battle Mime. For the other you don't pick, take the related Adept feat for the save DC boost, and just keep putting in skill points. Ninja Scout has all of them as class skills, so you will certainly be able to keep them high.

Taijutsu Master is okay, but honestly you would be better going all the way with it. If you are wanting extra unarmed damage, take Combat Martial Arts and then Superior Combat Martial Arts.

If you are dead set on Devastator you may still be able to do it by sacrificing some of the 5 levels you have left, although it may not be worth it. If you are only doing it for an Advanced Element ask your GM if you can take it as a level 1 feat. The Community Compendium has the majority of them listed if you need a guide.

Finally if you want to try something different and will be making a lot of use of meta-chakra feats, take a look at Technique Analyst. Some of the specializations are nothing short of hilarious.

Hope I've helped you out with your choices, and good luck.
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