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The NarutoD20 Redux Compilation

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PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2020 5:30 pm    Post subject: The NarutoD20 Redux Compilation Reply with quote

Hello everyone!

The redux is back with all-new content!

That's right, every single free supplement (Creatures Compendium, Relics Repository and Sage's Handbook) combined in one shiny new package!

As the name suggests, the content has received the Redux treatment, primarily changing the layout and format of the contents, but not the actual rules and numbers.

You may spot a few new ways to format the content, hopefully it will help make things easier to process.

The link to download can be found here.

As always, you can send me your feedback here or through discord.

- The item sheet is still a work in progress which may take me a while to figure out. You can always grab the original Relics Repository, which contains an item sheet on the last page.
- The lists of creatures by CR/Environment do not currently link to the creatures. I may at some point introduce that (but it's tedious work that will take time so I'll probably procrastinate a lot).

Why did you remove sneak attack immunity from the concealment seal?
- Because sneak attacks don't work when you have concealment.

Is there any chance of future Redux files for other supplements?
- There are no plans (nor will there be) for making a Redux version of paid supplements, as I cannot offer them publicly and don't want to go through some kind of verification process for every download.
Oy, this is going to be troublesome *sigh*
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