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Portfolio of Prestige Volume IV Item Code: nd20portpres4
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Portfolio of Prestige, volume 4 of 7. This installment in the series beings you five new classes, fourteen new feats, as well as five new artifacts and techniques, all serving to complement each new class. These classes are: Inquisitor, Skirmisher, Sohei, Swarmwrecker and Wild Technician.

The Interrogator is a master at gathering information, capable of arcane and death-defying feats when he puts his mind to it.
The Skirmisher takes mastery of the Spring Attack feat to new heights, and is capable of taking down groups of enemy without ever slowing down to let them strike back.
The Sohei can pick up any weapon, at any time, and become proficient with its use. Beyond proficient, experienced sohei know how to use any weapon better than most so-called masters.
The Swarmwrecker specializes in standing alone against an army. Through thick and thin, so can weather any storm or barrage of friendly fire so long as he has his grit and his armor.
The Wild Technician is a master of surprising his enemy and himself with wild chakra surges that can make his techniques go instantly and hilariously out of control.

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